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Show Me Events This Weekend

Our event system debuted last weekend at the Tinley Park NARBC. Hundreds of attendees around the venue used our interactive vendor list and map to find exactly who and what they were looking for.

Today we are excited to announce the addition of the Show Me Reptiles & Exotics expos to our event list. Show Me's expo locations include almost two dozens states. This weekend there are four such events in Kentucky, Georgia, Rhode Island and Iowa. Check out our event list to see who will be vending these shows.

In addition, we have another kind of event starting this Friday. In our forums, we are hosting our second fundraising auctions in aid of Danielle Stevens of Geckoholic, who lost everything in a fire earlier this month. Some amazing members of our community have donated a bunch of beautiful animals and items to help get Danielle back on her feet.

Be sure to visit the MorphMarket Reptile Community forum to donate, or on Friday, March 25th to take part in the auctions.

If you are interested in having your events on MorphMarket please contact us at [email protected]. Visit the FAQ to learn more about the system. We have many more features planned, so look for updates.

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