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Notification Settings

In preparation for our Mobile App and mobile notifications, we've created a Notification Settings page. This feature, while boring, is increasingly important as there become more things you can be notified about as well as multiple channels that you can be notified by. We don't want to spam you!

Find these under Settings > Manage Notifications.

For example, now you can disable various kinds of emails our site sends:

  • If you exclusively want to use the Messenger, you could disable the Email channel for All Messages and New Inquiry.
  • If you don't care to receive the email prompting you to leave feedback or ratings for sellers, you can disable this.
  • If you a seller who doesn't want to be reminded about inquiries our system didn't see a response to, you can disable those. We don't recommend this.

The exciting part are the settings for some upcoming features which are not yet available, as indicated by the *. This includes all the mobile notifications, as well as the notification for hits on Saved Searches and from those you're Following.

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