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Yahoo/AOL Email Deliverability Update


On August 18, we reported that Yahoo/AOL had been giving us trouble with email deliverability. We are happy to report that we believe those problems have been resolved now. On Aug 30, Verizon (also AOL, Yahoo)'s Postmaster said that for our domain "they're now seeing a 97%+ inbox rate over the past week, which is extremely good!"

That still doesn't mean on occasional messages can't go to the spam folder. One thing you should do to tell you email provider that MorphMarket emails are important is to whitelist our email addresses. Find out how to do that under step #2 here.

Also, PRO TIP for iPhone users using the Mail App: add '' as a VIP address, which will star it, prevent spam and can even enable push notifications. Here are the full directions. Thanks to Stephanie at SNK Kreatures for this tip!

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This past week, the website experienced some performance problems. As website availability is of utmost importance to us, this update is to let you know what happened and what we've done to address it.

This past week, the site was unavailable on Monday around 7-9pm, Friday from 3-4pm and 7-7:30pm CST. There were some other areas of brief slowdowns as well.

The first problem on Monday occurred as John was traveling back from the Daytona National Breeders Reptile Expo. Unfortunately he misdiagnosed the problem as a shortage of web servers and the steps taken to remedy the issues made it worse leading to the 7-9pm outage.

Since then we identified the actual problems relate to our database. As a result we have:

  • Upgraded the DB to give it more resources
  • Reduced size of the DB, deleting old and unused data
  • Are working optimizing some slow queries and limiting long queries

Other than one 5 minute period from maintenance, the site has been running very smoothly since Friday night. We believe that all of these issues have been sufficiently addressed for now and have learned a few lessons in the process.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the downtime.

John & Team

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MorphMarket is committed to providing the modern platform for reptile enthusiasts. As such our staff has been working hard behind the scenes to performing a major software upgrade to Python version 3 (the programming language), which has been rolled out today.

We have tested these changes to the best of our ability, but it's inevitable that there are a few more bugs to be squashed. Thanks for your patience if you encounter such an issue. We should be notified of any errors on our end and fixing them as fast as possible. If you a problem remaining for more than a day please let us know.