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Chameleons, Tree Boas, Tegus & Bullsnakes

We haven't added any new top level categories in 18 months, but we just promoted four today!

All of these were subcategories which now enjoy full category status. For these herps you can now enjoy all the functionality that makes finding amazing animals so easy on MorphMarket, including ads indexed by trait tags, subcategories, store directories, and calculators.

The newly minted categories are:

  • Chameleons
  • Tegus
  • Tree Boas
  • Bullsnakes

You might wonder, how did we choose these? Occasionally, we add new subcategories to group ads which are in the "other" buckets. Then, we monitor these subcategories and when they get large enough, we promote them.

We do not claim that our data is perfect, but we are always updating and improving it and we welcome your feedback. The best place for input is in our community subforum which has a form that you can fill out. In particular, there is more room for us to better organize the Tegus category.

If you have ads in these new categories, you might want to review them to make sure the appropriate traits tags have been added. You can add tags by modifying the ads and updating the traits field with the relevant tags.

We hope you enjoy these changes. We are all about improving our data, design and functionality to be the best online resource for connecting the community of herp lovers.

What do you think we promote next? The isopods and spiders are looking ripe!

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