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MorphMarket is excited to announce a new program to support Reptile Rescues. This initiative which we have been planning for years that has finally become a reality via our partnership with the Association of Reptile Rescue Organizations (ARRO). ARRO is a new reptile network led by Sarah Grannis Stewart of Badgerland Rescue. MorphMarket will provide Basic+ Membership 100% free to organizations who meet and maintain eligibility requirements set forth by ARRO.

Full benefits include:

  • Recognition as a trusted reptile rescue based on a variety of criteria as determined by the rescue community
  • A professional-looking home page with all of your organization's information
  • Branded presence in our Vendor Directory which helps people in your area locate you for adopting and surrendering animals
  • Enhanced listing in our vendor lists for the Expos & Events you are attending
  • Free listings for animals to be rehomed in the biggest reptile network in the world
  • In the near future, alerts which go out to your followers for new listings
  • Other benefits to be announced soon

We have also identified several opportunities to better accommodate rescues on MorphMarket involving application process, adoption details, and pickup options. These features will be useful to our other sellers as well. We will continue to work with our rescue partners to improve the system as it grows and evolves.

Rescues play a critical role in helping animals that need a new home for any number of reasons. They are also crucial for providing education and outreach to the public. It is incumbent on all of us to support this work for the good of these animals and health of the industry.

Admission into ARRO requires a 501c3 status, as well as other considerations involving practices, ethics and educational outreach. Approval is determined by ARRO and not by MorphMarket. We believe the rescue community is in the best position to police itself.

Directions on how to join ARRO and gain these benefits are found here.

Rescues which are currently part of the Association of Reptile Rescue Organizations can be found in our Vendor Directory.

Please help us by sharing this news with others in the community!

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Mexico Region

Mexico has an exploding reptile industry, and we are excited to announce its addition to MorphMarket to help advance their industry.

This is the first entirely new region we have added since 2017. While we did recently add full region support for Canada and the UK, technically these areas were already serviced under other regions.

Being a region provides location support for our features such as the ability to browse and search animals, find breeders, and events.

Mexican breeders can now sign up to list animals. We are requiring proof during approval of PIMVS breeder registration number as is needed in Mexico to sell animals.

As in the US, we provide options for listings several animals for free, but memberships provide many benefits including listing in the breeder directory. Since Mexico is a new region, we are giving a 50% discount for 6 months when the discount code VIVA-MEXICO is shared during your approval process.

Many thanks to Miguel Garcia and Hector De Leo Lopez for helping with this project.

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Export & Other Updates

While working on other big projects, we have also made improvements to export and other features.

Now you can Export various slices of your data. Previously the Export function on the Animal Manager would output all animals in your active collection, such as those For Sale and Not For Sale. Now, Export will output all of the animals currently displayed on your Animal Manager page. This means you can export any subset of your Animal data present or past. For example, you could export Sold animals with any set of filters by genetics, maturity, etc.

Other updates:

  • Share button now includes Copy Link in addition to Facebook. This means you can get a link to your Listing, Store Page, Offspring Group, an Expo and post it anywhere.
  • Index Polish
    • Default sort now only puts subcategories at the top, and localities are mixed in with other traits
    • Clear button to more quickly select subsets of traits
    • Inclusion of stats previously displayed, now under the (i) icon
  • Expanded Image Support
    • HEIC images now supported
    • Imported photo URLs can be from Google Drive
    • Imported photos get downloaded faster, within minutes instead of every hour
  • More fixes for the old App in preparation for our App-store Apps

At the same time, we continue working on bigger features!

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MorphMarket helped fund this new movie that you WON'T want to miss! Make some popcorn and watch this tonight.

The Ball Python is without a doubt the world’s most popular pet snake, and for the first time on Dāv Kaufman's Reptile Adventures, comes a feature length documentary on how the Ball Python is living in the wilds of Africa. For almost a month, Dāv toured West Africa from Ghana to Togo and Benin to tell not only the story of how the Ball Python is living out in the wild, but also the story of its economic impact and how it has positively influenced the culture in West Africa. This is the story of the world's most popular pet snake. This is the story of the Ball Python in the wild in Africa.

Our captive bred pets descended from these wild animals. This movie answers questions that can help us better understand them such as:

  • Where areas do they inhabit and what do they eat?
  • What is their relationship to the indigenous people?
  • And most importantly, how can we support their conservation?

We promise that you will enjoy this movie.

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There was a partial outage last night and this post gives some details.

Tuesday night, Cloudflare had an incident with its analytics which led the MorphMarket website to think it was under attack. This cased it to increase its security settings which blocked some users for a few hours until our engineers restored the status.

This experience gave us useful data on how to improve our monitoring and avoid a false alarm like this. We are also adding a mechanism to automatically restore the status once a threat has passed.

Also, the wording of Cloudflare's message made it sound like an individual might have been specifically blocked from the site, which was not the case. We'll see if we can revise that wording so it's less confusing.

While most users were not affected, we apologize to those who were temporarily blocked. Thanks. :)

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New "Breed Bro" Shirts & More

We're having a little fun with these new shirts. Do you even breed, bro?

Also, after months of supply chain issues, we've restocked most of our hats. You find it all on

This weekend, will be vending the Reptile Supershow in Anaheim, California. Come by and meet us, hang out and give feedback! Let's talk about that new index page. ;)

We'll have all our normal merch available at the show plus several new hats, not available online yet:

  • Richardson 115 (lower profile): Royal/White
  • Richardson 112: Charcoal/Neon Blue, Charcoal/Royal, Charcoal/Red
  • Flexfit: Royal/White, Poseidon Black

Hope to see you there!

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MorphMarket’s Index Page is where you can explore animals by trait, such as by gene or locality.

We've rolled out a new version as part of our platform redesign.

It does everything the old version did PLUS:

  • Search, filter & sort traits
  • Photo thumbnails
  • Clear labeling of the type of trait such as it being a Locality
  • The ability to see ALL traits in the system even if no ads are listed
  • Trait combos list all the traits in the combo
  • And of course a fresh, professional look

The demo below shows these features.

Try it out by visiting any category from the home page. For example Ball Pythons.

To make requests for additions or changes to the listed traits, visit this page.

UPDATE 7/18: New default view mode which is compact like the old one, and all items on a single page. Some more refinements still to come.

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John sat down this week with Reptile Talk hosts Jeremy Turgeon and Rob Christian. They discuss what's new and and what's coming on the MorphMarket platform.

You can enjoy this 1 hour interview on Youtube or normal podcast channels.

Be sure to check out Jeremy & Rob's other videos as well.

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Notification Settings

In preparation for our Mobile App and mobile notifications, we've created a Notification Settings page. This feature, while boring, is increasingly important as there become more things you can be notified about as well as multiple channels that you can be notified by. We don't want to spam you!

Find these under Settings > Manage Notifications.

For example, now you can disable various kinds of emails our site sends:

  • If you exclusively want to use the Messenger, you could disable the Email channel for All Messages and New Inquiry.
  • If you don't care to receive the email prompting you to leave feedback or ratings for sellers, you can disable this.
  • If you a seller who doesn't want to be reminded about inquiries our system didn't see a response to, you can disable those. We don't recommend this.

The exciting part are the settings for some upcoming features which are not yet available, as indicated by the *. This includes all the mobile notifications, as well as the notification for hits on Saved Searches and from those you're Following.

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Animal Management for Everyone!

We are excited to announce that MorphMarket's new Animal Management capabilities are now available to all our users for FREE. Before, this was only available to sellers. Now, everyone can manage records for up to 50 animals without the need to create a Store account.

Animal Management enables you to privately track the details your entire collection including photos, traits, date of birth, private notes and more. It also includes Offspring Groups which record the lineage of all your clutches and litters, as well as the Dashboard and Import/Export features. You can also use Tags to organize your animals in custom groups. In the future, you'll be able to transfer purchased animals into your collection.

There will still be plenty of additional benefits for our supporting members who are making this technology possible and helping elevate our industry. But all animal lovers and aspiring breeders can begin using these tools today to track their animals. When logged in, you will find an “Animals” link in the header on the website and in the menu.

Here are some short videos which highlight these capabilities:

  • Animal Manager
  • Lineage & NFS Pages
  • Offspring Groups
  • Dashboard
  • Import & Export

Let us know what you think!

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