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Have you ever wondered how MorphMarket moderates our site and mediates disputes? And how does our effort stack up against other services? This is something we care deeply about and put many hours into every week.

To increase transparency, we've just published an article on our Market Moderation Policies which gives a brief but thorough overview. It describes our handling and resolution of a wide variety of issues involving users, ads, ratings, transactions, and more. It explains what we do and what we do not do. We believe this information is helpful for understanding your rights and obligations on our site.

This article is part of our growing set of resources in our Learning Center.

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Schaumburg Expo Summary

Last weekend at NARBC Schaumburg was a great investment of our time. We got to meet many folks face-to-face who live in a different part of the country from our usual stomping grounds (pictured here with boa breeder John Chausmer).

In addition to helping at our booth, I did my best to make it around to all of our sellers who were there. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and provide feedback and input on our business. You help me understand how you use our site, how do you benefit from it, what is frustrating, what's important, and what we need to do next. I came away with 13 pages of notes from probably more than a hundred conversations. We have some super exciting projects that we are working on, and I am even more excited now.

I look forward to meeting more of you this year at expos in other parts of the country, and of course in Tinley Park in October.

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The Messenger

We are proud to announce the new MorphMarket Messenger. This is a major upgrade to our on-site messaging interface, which includes the following benefits:

  • The ability to archive messages to keep your inbox clean and organized (use the "archive all" under ... to get a fresh start)
  • More powerful filtering options, such the ability to view only messages TO or FROM you
  • Faster and more mobile friendly interface
  • Scroll down to load more messages - no more pagination
  • Better use of Desktop space, showing both panes at once (with a 3rd User Profile pane coming to quickly see information about the other party)
  • More intuitive timestamps

For mobile devices on the message list page:

  • Swipe down to refresh
  • Swipe up to load more conversations
  • Swipe right to archive messages

While the system still supports emailing, our goal is to continue improving the messenger until it becomes the preferred interface of communication among our users for multiple reasons. First, the messenger is more reliable than email because we cannot ultimately control where email messages end up. Second, the on-site messenger allows us to add features to enhance your productivity which we cannot provide in email format. An example would be the Quick Reply actions currently available to sellers.

We realize that a critical feature needed to make the messenger more useful is support for attachments such as images and videos. We plan to add this later this year.

NOTE: We are aware of a bug preventing scrolling down for older iPhones and are working to fix it now. You access the Old Messenger using the option under (...) in the meantime. If you are experiencing another problem, please contact support to let us know.

Please let us know if you have any problems or have questions.

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This video is an hour of tips and tricks for MorphMarket sellers from owner John Lehmann, recorded with Chris Eaton of the Snakes and the Fatman podcast. This is Episode 4 in a series that Chris is doing with experts across the industry.

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For the first time in four years, we are adjusting the price and structure of our membership plans:

  • The new Basic and Standard plans will see a modest price increase of 8-10%.
  • The new Standard and Premium plans will have inventory limits of $30k and $100k.
  • A new Pro membership plan is being introduced with unlimited ads for the top 1% of our largest sellers.

These changes will affect members only once they renew into the new plans. Additionally:

  • Subscription limitations will now apply to all categories in the North American region except those introduced last year.

Continue reading to learn more about why we are making these changes, how members will be transitioned, and what else is coming to MorphMarket!

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