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Mixed Groups for Sale? Pairs? Trios?

Have you ever wanted to offer up for sale (or find to buy) that perfect breeding pair or trio? Do you have four or five animals that you'd like to sell together all at once, rather than one at a time?

Well now you can!

We've adjusted our rules for advertising multiple animals — even with different sex or genetics — in a single ad. So long as the animals all belong to the same Category, you can advertise them as pairs, trios, or larger groups. These ads can include animals with different genetic traits, as well as different sexes, ages, size, etc.

A new sex option "Mixed" has been added to support this use case.

There are some simple, but very specific protocols to follow for these kinds of ads, so please review the new rules carefully before you begin posting your ads found in Section 3.13. In particular, you must make sure to check the "Group" option. This is available to Basic members and above.

Buyers can also search for these deals. In filters for the new search, click "More Filters" then use the "Individual or Group" option under "Animal Options". You can run that search right now.

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