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Redline: A New Way to Ship

Let's face it: Shipping has become expensive. It's a good time to check and make sure you are getting the best rates, without compromising on quality.

That's why MorphMarket is excited to announce Redline Shipping as the official* shipping service of MorphMarket. Robyn Markland and the Redline team draw on decades of experience to provide the best service and the best discounts in the industry.

Sign up today at and receive TWO deeply discounted shipments at 60% off retail rate when using coupon MORPH60 at checkout. There are no commitments or strings attached.

Why Redline? They make safe shipping of live reptiles, aquatics and inverts easy, secure and affordable. They have all the supplies and information you need to safely ship your live animals. The Redline customer service team is friendly yet professional. They are ready to problem solve and advocate for you to keep your package safe and secure at all times along its journey.

This is a great offer that all our users can benefit from.

* As a point of clarification, being the official shipper of MorphMarket does not mean that we now or in the future plan to limit our user's ability to use other shipping services. It just means we think they are a great service, recommend and promote them, just as we have with other services in the past.

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Heroku Incident Causing Brief Outage

We apologize for the site being down for the last hour.

The platform our service runs on is called Heroku. They are currently experiencing an incident with DNS right now. Thankfully we were able to hack our way around this and get things running again while many other websites are still down.

You can view the status of the underlying issue here:

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NFS Collections

NFS Collections is a new animal management feature on MorphMarket which enables you to showcase your Not For Sale (NFS) animals. This is a great way to show off the breeding stock you are working with.

Previously, a few examples from your collection were shown on the Store page. Now, prospective buyers can browse your ENTIRE collection by clicking on the "View Collection" link in the Collection section of the Store page.

The Collection page provides some basic filtering and sorting options with more to come. You can also restrict which animals show up here by adjusting their visibility to Private or Unlisted. Unlisted animals can be seen but only by a direct link. Private animals can only be accessed by the seller.

NFS Animal visibility also depends on your Membership level. Basic members can showcase adults. Standard members can also showcase subadults. Higher memberships includes babies. These limits help to prevent the use of this feature to sell these animals.

However, this limitation did not sit well with us because we wanted all members to be able to share their entire collection with friends, including holdbacks. To allow this, we created a special link which you can obtain by using the Share button on this page. When you post this link into social media, anyone who clicks it will see all of your public animals.

Now let's see those beautiful breeders! Check out Ken Simpson's collection.

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Help & Support Site

We've rolled out a new help system at!

  • All documentation is now found on this site. The new system is easier to navigate and search. It also makes it easier for us to add new articles and videos that will help you get all the benefits out of our platform.
  • If you can't find the answer to your question, just click "Contact Us" to send a message directly to our support team. All correspondence goes to your email as well. You can also see previous conversations there.
  • On our side all support conversations are organized in a customer support portal which helps our team get you great answers faster and more efficiently.

We know this stuff is a bit boring -- that is, until you need it!

It's our pleasure to serve you!

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MorphMarket is excited to announce a new program to support Reptile Rescues. This initiative which we have been planning for years that has finally become a reality via our partnership with the Association of Reptile Rescue Organizations (ARRO). ARRO is a new reptile network led by Sarah Grannis Stewart of Badgerland Rescue. MorphMarket will provide Basic+ Membership 100% free to organizations who meet and maintain eligibility requirements set forth by ARRO.

Full benefits include:

  • Recognition as a trusted reptile rescue based on a variety of criteria as determined by the rescue community
  • A professional-looking home page with all of your organization's information
  • Branded presence in our Vendor Directory which helps people in your area locate you for adopting and surrendering animals
  • Enhanced listing in our vendor lists for the Expos & Events you are attending
  • Free listings for animals to be rehomed in the biggest reptile network in the world
  • In the near future, alerts which go out to your followers for new listings
  • Other benefits to be announced soon

We have also identified several opportunities to better accommodate rescues on MorphMarket involving application process, adoption details, and pickup options. These features will be useful to our other sellers as well. We will continue to work with our rescue partners to improve the system as it grows and evolves.

Rescues play a critical role in helping animals that need a new home for any number of reasons. They are also crucial for providing education and outreach to the public. It is incumbent on all of us to support this work for the good of these animals and health of the industry.

Admission into ARRO requires a 501c3 status, as well as other considerations involving practices, ethics and educational outreach. Approval is determined by ARRO and not by MorphMarket. We believe the rescue community is in the best position to police itself.

Directions on how to join ARRO and gain these benefits are found here.

Rescues which are currently part of the Association of Reptile Rescue Organizations can be found in our Vendor Directory.

Please help us by sharing this news with others in the community!

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Mexico Region

Mexico has an exploding reptile industry, and we are excited to announce its addition to MorphMarket to help advance their industry.

This is the first entirely new region we have added since 2017. While we did recently add full region support for Canada and the UK, technically these areas were already serviced under other regions.

Being a region provides location support for our features such as the ability to browse and search animals, find breeders, and events.

Mexican breeders can now sign up to list animals. We are requiring proof during approval of PIMVS breeder registration number as is needed in Mexico to sell animals.

As in the US, we provide options for listings several animals for free, but memberships provide many benefits including listing in the breeder directory. Since Mexico is a new region, we are giving a 50% discount for 6 months when the discount code VIVA-MEXICO is shared during your approval process.

Many thanks to Miguel Garcia and Hector De Leo Lopez for helping with this project.

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Export & Other Updates

While working on other big projects, we have also made improvements to export and other features.

Now you can Export various slices of your data. Previously the Export function on the Animal Manager would output all animals in your active collection, such as those For Sale and Not For Sale. Now, Export will output all of the animals currently displayed on your Animal Manager page. This means you can export any subset of your Animal data present or past. For example, you could export Sold animals with any set of filters by genetics, maturity, etc.

Other updates:

  • Share button now includes Copy Link in addition to Facebook. This means you can get a link to your Listing, Store Page, Offspring Group, an Expo and post it anywhere.
  • Index Polish
    • Default sort now only puts subcategories at the top, and localities are mixed in with other traits
    • Clear button to more quickly select subsets of traits
    • Inclusion of stats previously displayed, now under the (i) icon
  • Expanded Image Support
    • HEIC images now supported
    • Imported photo URLs can be from Google Drive
    • Imported photos get downloaded faster, within minutes instead of every hour
  • More fixes for the old App in preparation for our App-store Apps

At the same time, we continue working on bigger features!

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