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In the process of redesigning all the core pages on our website, we just launched the new store page! We believe this is the professional look that takes our sellers web presence to the next level.

New features include:

  • Cleaner, more modern look
  • Sidebar to jump to different sections
  • Collapsable text areas
  • Slider for animals for sale at the bottom with larger images

Sellers, for the best possible logo: - Choose a 500x500 square image - Use a solid not transparent background, such as white or black

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This 20 minute interview by Brian Kusko of MorphMarket founder John Lehmann was recorded at the Tinley NARBC in October 2021. It covers topics including:

  • John's background in reptiles
  • A brief history of MorphMarket, from a solo side project to a full-time team
  • Morphpedia
  • Memberships
  • USARK support

Be sure to check out Brian's other great videos as well!

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