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We apologize for the website being down this morning for several periods of time on Sunday.

This appears to be an intentional attack against our website, where our service is being intentionally flooded with requests from around the world. This makes it difficult to prevent since there is no obvious pattern of user to block.

It looks like someone doesn't like MorphMarket, and is trying to interrupt you from using it.

No worries, we're using this as an opportunity to improve our services and security.

Thanks for your patience!


10/30/21 - We have added Cloudflare and its DDOS protections to our website, and our services have been running very smoothly. Since last Monday, we only experienced 1 hour of downtime which was on Tuesday, for the same reason.

We're happy that this led to the evolution of our services becoming better and more robust.

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We didn't feel right having all the fun this weekend at NARBC Tinley because we know that many of you can't make it. So we prepared a little treat.

We've just launched Morphpedia. It's our new community-powered knowledge base for herp traits, and it's now live.

We announced this project a few weeks ago and explained why we created it.

  • Below are two videos which give an overview of how to use it and explain how you can contribute to it.
  • You can read a lot more about it in this document, and this will grow over time as well.
  • Please direct questions and comments into the Morphpedia discussion forum.

You can access Morphpedia from the menus or footer or via

We hope you enjoy it, and we look forward to your contributions as well.

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