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In a recent episode of the Trap Talk Podcast, MorphMarket's new Owner & CEO, Darien Drollinger, sat down with hosts Michael Juarez (MJ) and David Levinson to discuss the current and future state of the platform. Darien highlighted MorphMarket's growth and his ambitious plans for the future while addressing some “hot-takes.” The interview emphasized the importance of collaboration and community engagement in driving ethical reptile trade practices.

Exciting developments lie ahead as MorphMarket continues to reshape the reptile industry.

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In this episode of the Animals at Home podcast, host Dillon interviews the new MorphMarket owner, Darien Drollinger. This interview takes us on a journey through Darien’s entrepreneurial endeavors, beginning with the establishment and remarkable growth of, a leading feeder insect supplier in the USA. Darien discusses his recent acquisition of MorphMarket, shedding light on existing challenges, his strategic plans for improvement, and the exciting future that awaits the platform. This conversation unveils the vision of a dynamic and evolving MorphMarket under Darien's leadership.

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Waitlists help find the perfect home for your animals without even listing them.

They provide a way for buyers to request future animals from a breeder. Sellers can accept and manage these requests to quickly match animals to buyers when they are produced.

Waitlists can be found using the menu or sidebar. Requests can be created from several places:

  • Waitlists Sent Tab
  • Store Page
  • Not for Sale Animals pages
  • Projects: Pairing and Offspring Group pages

Breeders can accept waitlist requests on the Waitlists/Received page and communicate with buyers using the Messenger.

Learn all about waitlists in our help article.

Note: Buyers can also monitor animals for sale or in upcoming projects using Saved Searches and Alerts. But the waitlists are different in that they send a message to the seller and get on their list.

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Recently we added the new animal search with many new filters. Now, you can really dial in for certain trait combos. Let's look at that in detail.

For a while now you've been able to:

  • Choose traits you want to include and exclude.
  • If you want to ONLY match animals with this exact combo, check the box "No additional traits".
  • If you want to control the total number of traits in the animal, set min and max values.

Trait Counting is the new killer search feature. It allows you to require certain kinds of extra traits. Let's say you are looking for a Firefly (Pastel Fire) Ball Python, but you also want it to include:

  • +1 visual recessive: Put min 1, max 1 and under counting choose Visual Recessives.
  • +Double hets: Put min 2, max 2 and under counting choose Het Recessives.
  • +2 or more of any recessive form: Put min 2, and under counting choose Any Recessive. This could match a "Firefly TSK Axanthic het Pied" or a "Firefly TSK Axanthic Pied".

Of course that's just the genetics. You can also add around 30 extra filters to further control your matches. Examples include:

  • Limit to a single seller
  • Limit to all sellers you follow
  • Limit to sellers with USARK badge
  • Limit to those with payment plans on animals as low as $500

And on and on...

You spent all that time to setup the search so Save it. You want us to let you know when one hits the market? Turn on the Alert. Let the fun begin.

Watch the video to see it in action!

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MorphMarket users can now get email & mobile notifications when animals they have been looking for hit the market. This is also known as "In Search Of" alerts.

But it gets better for Breeders. You can preconfigure ANY search alert and share it with others. With only a couple of clicks, your fans can start receiving notifications of your newly listed animals.

Use Case: Create Sharable Alert for Your New Listings (shown in the video)

  1. Visit the new search.
  2. Under the “Seller” filters, choose your own store (on mobile, filters are under the sliders icon).
  3. Hit the "Save Search" button (on mobile, it's the heart icon). Optionally set a name like "JDC Listings" and enable an alert.
  4. Click "Share" to copy the link.
  5. Paste that link into an email or share it on Facebook with your followers.

All they have to do is follow the link and click "Save", and they'll start getting alerts every time you post a new listing! This will really keep your fans engaged.

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New Search & Saved Searches

When John first created MorphMarket, his primary goal was to make it easy to find very specific animals. That's always been core to our mission. Today we are excited to announce that animal search has just gotten a lot more powerful!

Try out the new search by hitting the blue "Try New Search" button on any search results page.


If you're on a desktop computer, the first thing you will note is that the filters have been moved to the left sidebar. This is a modern design that makes great use of the full screen. As you adjust the search filters, results update automatically and smoothly.

On mobile devices, the search controls are under the "sliders" button. We're still tweaking the mobile designs to make the best use of the limited screen space (on this and other pages).

Let's talk about those new features.

Search Filters

The new search now contains over 30 filters to find exactly what you're looking for!

  • Keywords: above the other filters is an input where you can type in a keyword or animal ID.
  • Location: for the US region we've added a State filter. This gives you a new way to limit the area you're searching.
  • Genetics: In addition to included/excluded traits and min/max trait counts, we've added several new options.
    • Any trait form: causes recessives to match both hets and visuals.
    • No additional traits: limits your search to the exact traits provided. We're not 100% satisfied with the trait select itself, a component which is used throughout the site. We'll keep improving it.
  • Animal Origin: how the animal was sourced.
  • Seller: In addition to filtering to a specific seller, you can now search across all sellers that you are following. You can access those followed sellers via the menu. As before, the sellers you've blocked will always be excluded from your results.

But wait, there's more:

  • Individual/Group: to find those group ads.
  • Payment Type & Payment Plan: to filter by payment considerations. Minimum payment plan means the seller is willing to consider payments plans equal to or greater than this value.
  • Extra checkboxes: are pretty self explanatory.
    • Will Trade
    • Proven Breeder
    • Actual Photo
    • Has Video
    • Inquire for Price
    • USARK Membership


There are 15 ways to sort results, and we've added a new option called "Distance" to rank results nearest to you. This requires Location Settings enabled in your browser for our site.

Saved Searches

Who has the time to re-enter those complex searches each day?

Finally, you can save your searches. Just click the "Save Search" button. On mobile, this is a heart button. Access and run your previously Saved Searches at any time through the main menu.

Alerts - Coming Soon!

We're pretty proud of the new features mentioned above, but we're about to release a monster feature. What if we notified you when animals hit the market that matched your saved searches? Hmm...

We hope you enjoy these features. You can also read about the new search in our help documentation.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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MorphMarket’s Index Page is where you can explore animals by trait, such as by gene or locality.

We've rolled out a new version as part of our platform redesign.

It does everything the old version did PLUS:

  • Search, filter & sort traits
  • Photo thumbnails
  • Clear labeling of the type of trait such as it being a Locality
  • The ability to see ALL traits in the system even if no ads are listed
  • Trait combos list all the traits in the combo
  • And of course a fresh, professional look

The demo below shows these features.

Try it out by visiting any category from the home page. For example Ball Pythons.

To make requests for additions or changes to the listed traits, visit this page.

UPDATE 7/18: New default view mode which is compact like the old one, and all items on a single page. Some more refinements still to come.

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Animal Management for Everyone!

We are excited to announce that MorphMarket's new Animal Management capabilities are now available to all our users for FREE. Before, this was only available to sellers. Now, everyone can manage records for up to 50 animals without the need to create a Store account.

Animal Management enables you to privately track the details your entire collection including photos, traits, date of birth, private notes and more. It also includes Offspring Groups which record the lineage of all your clutches and litters, as well as the Dashboard and Import/Export features. You can also use Tags to organize your animals in custom groups. In the future, you'll be able to transfer purchased animals into your collection.

There will still be plenty of additional benefits for our supporting members who are making this technology possible and helping elevate our industry. But all animal lovers and aspiring breeders can begin using these tools today to track their animals. When logged in, you will find an “Animals” link in the header on the website and in the menu.

Here are some short videos which highlight these capabilities:

  • Animal Manager
  • Lineage & NFS Pages
  • Offspring Groups
  • Dashboard
  • Import & Export

Let us know what you think!

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MorphMarket NFS Version 1.0

We've been talking up MorphMarket NFS for the last few months.

"MorphMarket NFS" refers to a collection of services which enable us to go beyond sales and support all animals in the herp industry including breeders, holdbacks, and pets.

No more talk. Today we have delivered the first installment.

MM NFS 1.0 is live, and it includes:

(1) New capabilities to help you manage your WHOLE reptile collection and history

  • Three visibility settings for ads: Public, Private and Unlisted
  • New animal states: Not For Sale, Loaned and Archived

(2) New Animal Manager to more efficiently Explore, Organize and Update your data

  • More powerful Search, Filter & Sort
  • Inline and Bulk Editing
  • Customizable Interface

(3) Initial Lineage Support

  • Sellers can create parent animals in seconds
  • Buyers can learn more about animals by viewing their parents
  • Not For Sale Animal pages
  • Breeder NFS galleries on Seller Pages

(4) Data Dashboard to help you stay on top of your animal data

  • Analyze summary stats
  • Monitor animal status
  • And explore the animals behind the numbers

At MorphMarket, our goal is not just to provide the industry a platform to buy and sell, but software services which support the entire lifecycle of breeding.

Stay tuned — there's a lot more coming!

Watch the demo and tutorial videos below to see how to leverage these features.

MM NFS 1.0 Demo

(1/3) The Animal Manager

(2/3) Lineage & NFS Animals

(3/3) The Dashboard

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We've added a new resource to educate buyers on buying safely, whether on MorphMarket or elsewhere. You'll find this article on Safe Purchasing in the Learning Center with many others.

This is an expanded version of the older "Researching Sellers" article. It's been a background project for at least a year now!

Yes, we know it's quite long. We will reorganize content later to make it more digestible.

We will eventually release a similar document with best practices for Sellers protecting themselves.

This content includes feedback from many folks over the years. There are too many to recognize, but we are grateful!