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MorphMarket users can now get email & mobile notifications when animals they have been looking for hit the market. This is also known as "In Search Of" alerts.

But it gets better for Breeders. You can preconfigure ANY search alert and share it with others. With only a couple of clicks, your fans can start receiving notifications of your newly listed animals.

Use Case: Create Sharable Alert for Your New Listings (shown in the video)

  1. Visit the new search.
  2. Under the “Seller” filters, choose your own store (on mobile, filters are under the sliders icon).
  3. Hit the "Save Search" button (on mobile, it's the heart icon). Optionally set a name like "JDC Listings" and enable an alert.
  4. Click "Share" to copy the link.
  5. Paste that link into an email or share it on Facebook with your followers.

All they have to do is follow the link and click "Save", and they'll start getting alerts every time you post a new listing! This will really keep your fans engaged.

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Our friend Brian Kusko put together a couple of videos recently that you might enjoy.

Here's a quick interview by Brian with John from MorphMarket and Ben from RGI at Tinley Park. They discuss new features at MorphMarket such as the app and various kinds of alerts, and genetics testing.

Here's a demo of him showing how to setup a clutch in MorphMarket's Offspring system. Skip to 3:05 if you want to get right to that part.

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Ivory Ball Python
Ivory Ball Python

We are excited to announce that Dr. Hannah Seidel and team have just published a scientific paper in which they present the details of the Yellowbelly (YB) complex that they have decoded.

First, they were able to show that there are TWO mutations in the same gene that cause the YB morph. Either of these mutations can cause a yellowbelly, and Ivories can be two copies of either one of these mutations, or one copy of each. So, the YBs and Ivories we are all used to seeing as keepers and breeders are technically not all the same genetically.

Their research further explained the mutations that cause YB and Ivory are mutations that completely alter the genetic product (i.e., protein) and likely render it totally inactive. Whereas the mutations that cause Spark and Specter cause less of a change to the resulting protein, and the protein is still able to partially do its job (hence the difference between an Ivory and a Super Specter).

Finally, the mutations that cause Asphalt and Gravel change the normal protein even less than Specter and Spark, so their effects are less severe than what you see in an Ivory or a Super Spark or Super Specter.

Because of this amazing work by Eastern Michigan, RGI has now added ball python morph tests for Yellowbelly, Spark, Specter, Gravel, & Asphalt, bringing the total number of ball python morph tests to 11. Order tests for your animals today.

Ben Morrill, PhD, Rare Genetics Inc

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Genetic Testing Now Available!

Exactly a month ago, we announced our partnership with Rare Genetics Inc. to bring you reliable and affordable genetic testing for your reptiles.

Great news -- IT'S READY!

Click here to see currently available tests, prices, FAQ's and to place orders.

This testing is useful in so many ways:

  • Save years of time by immediately proving your breeders
  • Increase your sales by selling Pos Hets as 100% Het
  • Verify that your purchases were advertised correctly
  • Discover genes in your lines that you didn't even know about
  • Distinguish between incomplete dominants like Asphalt/Gravel/YB in the future
  • Find out if your pet is a boy or girl

Please let us know if you have any questions not answered on the FAQ's.

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Both iOS & Android Apps Available

In case you missed it, we just rolled out a new version of the MorphMarket App. It's now available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The new app will directly notify you when other users send you a message. Soon, we'll add other exciting alerts as well.

Since our last post about the app, we've sped up the alerts. They should now usually arrive in about 30 seconds or less.

Read all the details in our previous post.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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Tinley Park Oct '22 Vendor List

It's superbowl time. And you know we're not talking about football. Time for the Tinley Park NARBC, this weekend in Chicago, IL.

The Official Tinley Park Vendor List for Oct '22 is live on MorphMarket with floor layout and table assignments.

The Vendor List helps attendees find out:

  • Who's vending here? What's that guy or gal's name again?
  • Where are they located in this huge room? Click on the table number to jump right to the spot on the map. It's a map right in your pocket at the show.
  • Who can sell me a species that I'm looking for?
  • What else can I learn about this vendor? Cross reference other MM info like ratings, listings, store policies.
  • What else can I learn about this animal, like pictures of its parents, if it's listed on MM.

A few other tips:

  • Click the "location" on any vendor to jump to their spot on the map.
  • Anyone can add themselves as a vendor or update their vending info. If you are co-vending or subleasing, click "Add Vendor" to put yourself on this list.
  • Vendors can also update their vendor info by clicking the "Update" button, to add the categories of animals they're selling and other notes.
  • Being on the vendor list is free, but Basic members on MorphMarket do get enhanced listing with extra info.

Learn more about MorphMarket Events here:

  • Overview with quick video:
  • Other FAQ's:

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New Search & Saved Searches

When John first created MorphMarket, his primary goal was to make it easy to find very specific animals. That's always been core to our mission. Today we are excited to announce that animal search has just gotten a lot more powerful!

Try out the new search by hitting the blue "Try New Search" button on any search results page.


If you're on a desktop computer, the first thing you will note is that the filters have been moved to the left sidebar. This is a modern design that makes great use of the full screen. As you adjust the search filters, results update automatically and smoothly.

On mobile devices, the search controls are under the "sliders" button. We're still tweaking the mobile designs to make the best use of the limited screen space (on this and other pages).

Let's talk about those new features.

Search Filters

The new search now contains over 30 filters to find exactly what you're looking for!

  • Keywords: above the other filters is an input where you can type in a keyword or animal ID.
  • Location: for the US region we've added a State filter. This gives you a new way to limit the area you're searching.
  • Genetics: In addition to included/excluded traits and min/max trait counts, we've added several new options.
    • Any trait form: causes recessives to match both hets and visuals.
    • No additional traits: limits your search to the exact traits provided. We're not 100% satisfied with the trait select itself, a component which is used throughout the site. We'll keep improving it.
  • Animal Origin: how the animal was sourced.
  • Seller: In addition to filtering to a specific seller, you can now search across all sellers that you are following. You can access those followed sellers via the menu. As before, the sellers you've blocked will always be excluded from your results.

But wait, there's more:

  • Individual/Group: to find those group ads.
  • Payment Type & Payment Plan: to filter by payment considerations. Minimum payment plan means the seller is willing to consider payments plans equal to or greater than this value.
  • Extra checkboxes: are pretty self explanatory.
    • Will Trade
    • Proven Breeder
    • Actual Photo
    • Has Video
    • Inquire for Price
    • USARK Membership


There are 15 ways to sort results, and we've added a new option called "Distance" to rank results nearest to you. This requires Location Settings enabled in your browser for our site.

Saved Searches

Who has the time to re-enter those complex searches each day?

Finally, you can save your searches. Just click the "Save Search" button. On mobile, this is a heart button. Access and run your previously Saved Searches at any time through the main menu.

Alerts - Coming Soon!

We're pretty proud of the new features mentioned above, but we're about to release a monster feature. What if we notified you when animals hit the market that matched your saved searches? Hmm...

We hope you enjoy these features. You can also read about the new search in our help documentation.

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Reptile Rescue Partners

Redline Shipping and Research Associates Laboratory are jumping in with MorphMarket to support legitimate reptile rescues with the BEST discounts in the industry!

These discounts are available to members of the Association of Reptile Rescues (ARRO). ARRO is a new reptile rescue network led and organized by the rescue community itself. Their accreditation process considers 501(c)(3) applicants who also demonstrate quality practices, ethics and outreach.

The growing set of Rescue Member Benefits now include:

  • Redline Shipping: 60% off Fedex retail shipping to make rehoming and rescue-to-rescue transfers affordable.
  • Research Associates Laboratory: 40% off retail on reptile health tests to maintain healthy environments with at risk animals.
  • MorphMarket: Free membership for animal rehoming, professional web presence, inclusion as a rescue in our Vendor Directory and in expo listings.

Legitimate rescues play a critical role in helping animals that need a new home for any number of reasons. They are also crucial for providing education and outreach to the public. It is incumbent on all of us to support this work for the good of these animals and health of the industry. You can help by sharing this news with others.


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Android App & Push Notifications

Android users can now download the MorphMarket Android App from the Google Play Store. UPDATE: Apple users can also download the iPhone App as well.

The new app version provides a FANTASTIC feature to the platform called push notifications. Push notifications are the small pop-up messages sent by apps (as pictured). This is a game changer for communication on MorphMarket!

Push notifications will provide buyers and sellers with immediate alerts when they receive messages. This will help you send and receive responses quicker, leading to more conversions. They also link right into our Messenger which provides options not available in email, such as the ability to decline inquiries or block users.

These notifications open up a world of possibilities for other valuable alerts, like when animals you're looking for have been posted on the market or when someone you follow has new listings. These features are coming soon!

If you have already been using the older version of our app (which launched in March 2021), you'll want to uninstall that and get the new one from the app store. You can tell them apart because the older version has a black icon whereas the newer version has a gray icon. You can also see the version under the hamburger menu which is currently v1.0.8.

More details about push notifications:

  • Notifications aren't sent instantly, but every few minutes.
  • If you check your messages or reply from email such that the system knows you've "seen" the message, you won't be bothered with a push notification.
  • You can enable & disable email and push notification alerts for various events under your Settings > Notification Settings options.
  • If your app is open, touching the notification should go straight to your messenger. We are fixing a bug right now, where if the app is fully closed, it will only open the app and not go to this page.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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