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Founding Members

One year ago this month, MorphMarket launched memberships as a way for sellers to support the site and obtain access to various levels of features. Without these members' participation, we could not grow and improve the site, nor would it be available at all.

We are grateful for all members and especially those who have supported us continuously since the beginning. To express our appreciation, we will now recognize all sellers who have and continue to maintain membership since 2017 with as "Founding Members". This badge is displayed on a member's Store page.

We plan to create more badges and ways of recognizing outstanding sellers and buyers in the future. Speaking of that, right now we are hard at work building the most requested feature on our site ever -- a two-way review system!

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Search Exporting Sellers

We've just added new features to improve international commerce. Sellers can now specify in their Seller Profile which countries they export to so buyers from those countries can locate them.

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Codominant or Incomplete Dominant?

In the Reptile hobby, we classify mutant genes based on how they interact to morph the animal's appearance from its wild form. An animal may carry zero, one, or two copies of a mutant gene. If it only carries one gene (i.e., half the pair), we refer to it as the heterozygous form since it has the mutant gene paired with a the normal/wild type gene. When the pair is present, the animal is said to be homozygous for that gene.

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MorphMarket is Becoming

Over the past few years MorphMarket has grown from inception to leadership in online reptile commerce not only for Ball Pythons, but all snakes, geckos and lizards. However, despite our efforts to branch out into other exotic, high-end, and niche reptiles, our site has thrived the most in the area where it began: with the smaller, more beginner friendly snakes species.

We have made a strategic decision to change directions in order to broaden our offering to the average pet snake owner.

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What is Meant by Snout to Vent

Greg Graziani says, back in the days when reptiles were primarily obtained from the wild, it was more common to compare them in length. A 5' rat snake was more valuable than a 4' rat snake. But today in the captive breeding of pet reptiles, weight tends to be more commonly used.

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All the Lizards!

Today we have added a new category on MorphMarket for Lizards. After creating many Gecko categories and also Bearded Dragons last month, this new area covers all the remaining of lizards species.

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