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MorphMarket Sales Event

MorphMadness Site Wide Sale Event

We're excited to announce MorphMarket’s very first MorphMadness Sale Event. This event will be taking place from October 29th, 2023 to November 4th, 2023.

Our goal is to make this an unforgettable experience for both sellers and buyers. That's why we're pulling out all the stops to boost site activity and make your sales soar. We will also be featuring participating listings on our socials during this time period.

How to Participate

Participation is entirely up to you, but we highly recommend joining in on the fun.

During MorphMadness, we're breaking free from the usual sale restrictions. Normally, you can activate sales for 72 hours once per renewal cycle. However, for this event, all sellers can list their animals for the entire 7 days, regardless of previous sales. This is a great opportunity to boost your sales and reach a wider audience.

To learn more about how to activate sales, click here. Please note: Bulk Actions to activate sales are now available!

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please reach out to us at [email protected].

Let's make MorphMadness a huge success! Happy selling!

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NARBC- Tinley Park, IL

NARBC is back on October 7th and 8th in Tinley Park, IL!

Use our Vendor List and Map to navigate the experience. Click on your location number in the list for a map that drops a pin on your location. Be sure to share it with your followers! You can also see animals that will be available by clicking here. Don't forget to stop by the MorphMarket booth to say hello!

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Animals at Expos

Now you can find animals that will be available for purchase or pickup at expos!

Reptile expos are a crucial part of the hobby. They attract many new enthusiasts and boost sales for breeders. We recognize their immense value to all of us. That's why MorphMarket is taking expo support to the next level.

On our expos page, you can find upcoming shows and the vendors participating in them.

With our newest feature:

  • Sellers can now tag the animals they'll have available for purchase at a specific expo (on the new edit animal page).
  • Buyers can easily view these animals in search using the filter "Expo Pickup," enabling pre-sales.

Buyers can inquire about an animal beforehand and arrange for pickup at the expo. This makes the whole process straightforward and hassle-free.

To learn more about this new feature and how to use it, click here.

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NARBC- Schaumburg, IL- July 2023

NARBC is back on July 29th and 30th in Schaumburg, IL!
Use our Vendor List and Map to navigate the experience. Click on your location number in the list for a map that drops a pin on your location. Be sure to share it with your followers!

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Custom Store Banner

Custom Store Banner feature is now available for Standard plans and higher. This allows you to customize a cover photo image across your store page like on Facebook, YT, etc.

Find this in your Store Settings below the logo field, where we provide recommended dimensions.

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We’re giving away $1,000 toward any animal on MorphMarket. All you need to do is like and comment our Facebook post!

We will pick a winner on Saturday and notify them on Facebook. (Please ignore the FB scammers who are replying "you won"). It will be from the official MM account.

The winner will be selected at random. They will simply need to let the seller know about the giveaway, and we will pay the them directly on your behalf!

Good luck!

P.S. - Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get notified about future events as well.

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We hope to see you this weekend at the baddest herp expo in the world. Use our Vendor List and Map to navigate the experience. Click on your location number in the list for a map that drops a pin on your location. Share it with your followers!

Come by our booth to say hi, give feedback, and pick up one our limited run Tinley Park 2023 T-Shirts. Also available are our new hoodies.

Can't make it to the show? Please enjoy the video above that shows off all the new stuff we've been building for you in the past few months.

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Tinley Park Oct '22 Vendor List

It's superbowl time. And you know we're not talking about football. Time for the Tinley Park NARBC, this weekend in Chicago, IL.

The Official Tinley Park Vendor List for Oct '22 is live on MorphMarket with floor layout and table assignments.

The Vendor List helps attendees find out:

  • Who's vending here? What's that guy or gal's name again?
  • Where are they located in this huge room? Click on the table number to jump right to the spot on the map. It's a map right in your pocket at the show.
  • Who can sell me a species that I'm looking for?
  • What else can I learn about this vendor? Cross reference other MM info like ratings, listings, store policies.
  • What else can I learn about this animal, like pictures of its parents, if it's listed on MM.

A few other tips:

  • Click the "location" on any vendor to jump to their spot on the map.
  • Anyone can add themselves as a vendor or update their vending info. If you are co-vending or subleasing, click "Add Vendor" to put yourself on this list.
  • Vendors can also update their vendor info by clicking the "Update" button, to add the categories of animals they're selling and other notes.
  • Being on the vendor list is free, but Basic members on MorphMarket do get enhanced listing with extra info.

Learn more about MorphMarket Events here:

  • Overview with quick video:
  • Other FAQ's:

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New "Breed Bro" Shirts & More

We're having a little fun with these new shirts. Do you even breed, bro?

Also, after months of supply chain issues, we've restocked most of our hats. You find it all on

This weekend, will be vending the Reptile Supershow in Anaheim, California. Come by and meet us, hang out and give feedback! Let's talk about that new index page. ;)

We'll have all our normal merch available at the show plus several new hats, not available online yet:

  • Richardson 115 (lower profile): Royal/White
  • Richardson 112: Charcoal/Neon Blue, Charcoal/Royal, Charcoal/Red
  • Flexfit: Royal/White, Poseidon Black

Hope to see you there!

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Geckoholic Charity Auction in Progress

Right now there's live bidding on 64 items in our fundraising auction in aid of Danielle Stevens of Geckoholic, who lost everything in a fire earlier this month. Some amazing members of our community have donated a bunch of beautiful animals and items to help get Danielle back on her feet.