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MorphMarket is Morphing! (Boas are coming)

Big news at MorphMarket. We are actively expanding to other Reptiles starting with Boa Constrictors. Here we explain why we're doing this, what it will look like, and how you can be involved.

But isn't MorphMarket Ball Pythons-only?

It has been up to now, and we take our Ball Python user base very seriously. We want to reassure you that the changes have been carefully designed to provide 1-click access to the Ball Python experience you are accustomed to.

At the same time, it'll be a huge win to provide a similar experience to the rest of the Reptile world. And by serving the entire Reptile community, we will bring in more Ball Python buyers and sellers making the Ball Python part of our site better than ever.

I breed Boas. How can I get access?

If you are a Boa Constrictor breeder, create an account right now and contact us. In minutes, we'll unlock your account to give you Early Access to Boa Constrictors, and you can begin posting your ads and trying other features like the genetic calculator. We want your feedback.

Our Boa Constrictor launch will be a great time for you to reach new customers and establish your Boa Constrictor brand by being at the tip of the spear. MorphMarket already receives traffic from thousands of Reptile lovers each day who will immediately have access to your Boa ads.

I don't breed Boas. How can I help?

Would you spread the word by telling friends who are in the Boa and Reptile community? We have created an invitation for them in this Facebook post which you can share. You may need to copy/paste the content of that post as your comment so they see the message directed to them.

When will you launch it publicly?

Once we have a critical mass of ads we will do a public launch.

When will you add my favorite Reptile species?

We haven't determined the launch order yet, but feel free to post in the comments below which species we should do next and why. Stay tuned in to this blog which will be updated with more information.