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Winner of the Elsa, the Pastel Puma

Elsa fans, the time has come for us to choose a winner. The hardest part about this giveaway has been that there are so many of you who'd be great owners for Elsa, and yet she can only go to one home.

That being said, with no further delay, by random selection the lucky winner is Brent Rhodes from Camden, Arkansas. Brent has been a member of MorphMarket since January 2016, and he shared the heck out of this giveaway. We're very happy for Brent. Please join us in congratulating him! For everyone else, I hope you'll be encouraged by the following:

  1. If you were dead set on Elsa, she does have several brothers and sisters for sale by Greg Graziani who donated Elsa to us. Greg is one of the oldest and most trusted names in the industry, has the finest quality animals and always takes care of his people.…
  2. Of course not everyone can afford a Pastel Puma right now, but everyone can afford a great Ball Python morph. In our marketplace we have an incredible selection of over 3,000 Ball Pythons organized by gene. There's a noodle in every price range.…/pythons/ball-pythons/index
  3. Next week we will be publicly launching the Boa Constrictors part of MorphMarket. To kick it off we'll be starting a brand new giveaway of a Sharp Albino Boa Constrictor generously donated by Ozzy Boids LLC. Stay tuned!

Thanks again to all our fans and supporters. We appreciate everyone taking the time to enter. And a big thank you to Greg Graziani for making this possible.