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Don't Be Scammed

By and large, most sellers are genuine, honest people. However, you should never make this assumption when purchasing from an individual on the Internet.

The best and only fool-proof way to avoid being scammed is to buy from those with known reputation. This is especially true if you are new to the hobby because you are the most easily deceived.

When buying from unknown individuals or businesses, you may encounter a range of problems from bad service to inaccurate mislabeled product. But the worst possible scenario is a miscreant who lures you into sending money for an animal that does not even exist. Of course, most less known breeders are honest people, but you are taking some risk.

Should you choose to venture beyond the walls of known reputation, here are some tips to consider to avoid the outright scam. There is no single rule and these factors should be considered all together. Continue reading Researching Online Sellers...

While purchasing through MorphMarket is "at your own risk" just as on other classifieds, we care greatly about seeing everyone have an excellent experience. We plan on providing more resources and tools in the future for helping buyers identify breeders of good reputation.

Image by David Goehring.