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New South Africa Region

We're excited to announce that MorphMarket has added South Africa as our 3rd region.

South Africa while having a smaller reptile community is a very tight knit and passionate group of breeders.

Keith Lourens has led the effort by serving as MorphMarket's liaison to this region. As he describes it, until now they have only Facebook. While having its own strengths, a social media platform does not provide much help to a newcomer who is trying to learn the breeders in his area. With MorphMarket, all breeders and their listings are centralized into once place.

So far over 50 breeders have signed up, and almost 20 have active listings. This is a great start considering its size and also that this Southern Hemisphere country is in off-season.

South Africa breeders can also join our official South Africa MorphMarket Breeders Facebook Support page.

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