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Breeders can now list ads in 24 new subcategories of Pythons, Boas and Colubrids.

These subcategories are under 3 miscellaneous categories:

  • Other Pythons: Angolan Pythons, Black-headed Pythons, Burmese Pythons, Children's Pythons, Olive Pythons, Rock Pythons, White-lipped Pythons, Woma Pythons
  • Other Boas: Tree Boas, Sand boas, Rubber boas, Rosy boas, Anacondas, Ground boas
  • Other Colubrids: Bullsnakes, Coachwhips, Garter Snakes, Gopher Snakes, House snakes, Indigo Snakes, Pine Snakes, Rat Snakes, Ribbon Snakes, Water Snakes

These areas are not yet public, but they are now staged. This means breeders can list ads now and once there is a viable inventory we'll launch it to the public.

Reptile enthusiasts have been waiting for a long time for many of these species. We have added them under miscellaneous categories due to the sheer volume of types. The benefit is that this gets them on MorphMarket right away. The main difference is that subcategories do not have genetics encoded; however, many of these species have few or no morphs available. In the future, subcategories that mature may be promoted to top-level categories.

Comment below about what you're most excited to see!