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It has been almost two years since MorphMarket first went live. We can't thank all our fans and supporters enough. Without you we would not have reached this point. You both helped us grow by spreading the word, and you kept us going with your kind words and encouragement. In turn, during this time MorphMarket has freely provided the community with our platform which has resulted in many thousands of transactions and happy herp owners.

In February we announced that MorphMarket memberships were coming to our US Ball Pythons market. Since then we've added many new species to the marketplace and launched a South Africa region, among other things, but mostly we've been quietly developing memberships.

Today we're unveiling three levels of MorphMarket Membership. While sellers will still be able to list a limited number of ads for free, membership will reward MorphMarket supporters with additional capacity and many new capabilities. There are almost 20 new features either already active or coming very soon. Watch our blog for updates.

Please note, while sellers of all Species and Regions can benefit from membership features, the capacity limitations will only be applied to categories which are out of "beta" development. As of today, this is only US Ball Pythons. For all other species, the experience will remain very similar to what it has been for non-members.

We've designed these plans with you in mind. Our lowest plan is as affordable as $10/month, while our highest plan gives unlimited options suitable for large breeders. The middle option provides 12 months of membership and selling for less than a single weekend at some reptile expos. Finally, the free option is still large enough for 40% of our current BP sellers to fit into based on ad count. The prices are definitely geared toward annual payments, but the month-to-month option could make sense for short periods of time.

We have prepared a Plans and Pricing page to explain the benefits. Note that you can click any feature with the icon for more explanation. Also read the FAQ at the bottom of the page. If you've read all the information on this page and your question isn't addressed, please send us feedback, and we'll add it.

Even though we announced this change months ago, we're giving all sellers an additional two weeks to decide which plan is right for you. After July 28, we'll be applying changes such as expiring ads which exceed capacity limits. However, you don't have to wait two weeks to decide, and as soon as you do you'll start receiving new membership benefits.

As we enter this new phase, we're grateful for your consideration of membership. Your support will allow us to continue providing and enhancing the online experience of this hobby which we all love.