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What buyer see when they inquire to a seller using Away Status.
What buyer see when they inquire to a seller using Away Status.

As a seller, you pride yourself on providing fast responses to inquiring buyers, but we know that sometimes special life circumstances create unavoidable delays. This is another in a series of posts about the many new features added recently.

During periods when you are unable to do business as usual, you can enable Away Status on your Store Profile page along with a custom message. This is appropriate for circumstances such as when you are traveling or due to winter weather conditions preventing shipping. In recent days, we have seen two hurricanes affect South Texas and Florida, and this is another perfect example of when it might take days or even weeks to get back up and running again.

Away Status has the following effects:

  • When a user inquires on your ad, they are informed you are away and to expect delayed response times. They are also shown your custom message (see picture).
  • You will receive inquiries like usual during this period, but we won't send you any reminders.
  • Inquiries you receive during this time period won't be factored into your responsiveness score.

This feature is available to Standard and Premium level members.