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October Optimizations

You'll notice that we've been quiet on news and announcements for a month or more. That's because we've been heads down focused on optimizing the website.

Optimization involves nitty-gritty technical stuff that causes the pages on our website to load faster on your phone or browser. This is isn't the flashiest work we get to do but it impacts you every time you visit our site.

Two factors necessitated a pause for this work. First, we've added dozens of new features in the past six months, and some had created a bit of drag. Second, our traffic continues to grow steadily "up and to the right". New features and a larger community are both great things, and we are committed to keeping the machine well oiled and tuned for the best reptile shopping experience.

We're happy to say this focused effort is mostly done, and you can expect to see more user-facing changes between now and the end of the year.