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Genetics Updating Improved

MorphMarket has one of the most comprehensive databases of reptile genetics in the world, and we're constantly improving and expanding it. Our genetics engine is at the heart of our site and powers the search, ad importing, genetic calculators and more.

We frequently receive feedback on new morphs as well as gene corrections. If you have a new gene to request, you can follow the procedure outlined in our help.

Previously, changes and updates to our genetics data required a complete reload of the data and reprocessing of tens of thousands of ads. This meant each update was time consuming and worse, resulted in at least 15 minutes of downtime for the whole site (usually performed in early morning hours). As a result we have only been performing updates every few months.

We're excited to report that we have upgraded this process to make this simpler and require no downtime. This means we can now make updates more frequently and shorten the update cycle to weeks at most. This will be especially helpful as we work on rolling out the rest of the Reptile species.

Here's an incomplete list of the changes made in the past week:

  • Ball Pythons: added several genes including Monsoon.
  • Reticulated Pythons: Recoded Mochino, Cow and Lavendar as combinations rather than individual genes and removed other redundant tags.
  • Green Tree Pythons: added Designer tag for mixed subspecies.
  • Leopard Geckos: Removed Patternless from RAPTOR and APTOR.
  • Crested Geckos: Added Drippy, Soft scale, and Lilly white.
  • Boa Constrictors: We get many requests for "VPI" and "Het VPI", but these have existed. We have now increased the size of the dropdown menu form 8 to 12 so they can be seen more easily.
  • All Species gained the Hybrid tag for mixed species.

Thank you for recent feedback from Dave Green, Andrew Handeland, Sophie Elliott, Meredith Cowley, Amy Baugh, Deborah Stewart, and others.