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Surveys and Updates

In this blog we share some behind-the-scenes activity to let you know what we've been up to in improving the site.

First, in March we sent out over 1,000 surveys to active sellers and members on MorphMarket. The engagement was excellent. We got back more than 500 responses. We then spent over a month categorizing, tallying, analyzing, considering, and responding to what you said. We always consider user feedback to be incredibly valuable for confirming, changing, and prioritizing future work, so thank you for that input.

Second, here is a list of smaller changes, bug fixes, and updates we've made over the past couple of months. This is to alert sellers to a few changes as well as give you an idea of what we've been up to.


  • Sellers can re-open closed inquiries via the Messages Page.
  • Inquiring user must check a box to indicate they read the seller's policies.
  • Users cannot create a new inquiry on expired or sold ads.
  • Fixed a bug truncating message length to 1,000 characters within our Message Page (did not affect passed through email). Limit increased to 5,000.

Ads & Inventory

  • New 100 ad maximum store capacity for sellers users in Developing Markets.
  • Entering 0 for item weight on the modify ad page will unset the weight.
  • Basic membership now includes non-expiring ads (though renewal will still bump them).


  • "On Hold" ads are sorted to end of search results (like ads without photos).
  • Expired ads are indicated with a banner on the photo (like sold and "on hold" ads).


  • Fixed a longstanding bug in the user signup with Facebook account process.
  • Fixed a longstanding bug on the Store Profile page which made it appear that a home page is required.


  • The US Region flag no longer says "beta".

Of course we have many more changes planned. It's always a work in progress.