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Facebook Live Sale Crackdown

Many of you are already aware that Facebook has been more actively enforcing its TOS and banning live animal sales. This has looked like them closing down classified ad groups. This has been going on for quite a while actually, but there seems to have been a major uptick in enforcement recently.

We believe that this is a good thing for the reptile community for many reasons. Having sales in a centralized location rather than dispersed across thousands of groups leads to greater stabilization of prices. It also makes it tougher for unscrupulous buyers and sellers to bounce from one spot to the next, preying on their anonymity.

We don't generally ask our members to share about MorphMarket. But this is a time when tides are turning and some are even suggesting that we go back to the forum sites of the 90's to sell. So if you have benefitted from MorphMarket and want to help our hobby move forward, please be vocal about it on social media as the topic comes up.

If you feel so led, here's a FB post that you can share.