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Message Count Notifications

We've added a new Message Count Notification feature to help alert you to new messages. There are actually two counts, and they will show up in the upper right corner over the message envelope button.

  • Green Number: Unseen message count
  • Yellow Number: Needs reply count

When you visit your messages page (or oftentimes when you open your emails), it will register your messages as having been seen. This will make the green count go down (or disappear entirely).

If you're a seller and you have an inquiry, it will be tagged as "needs reply" until you reply with a message OR use a quick reply action to decline it, mark it as sold, etc. To help you locate those messages you can use the "needs reply" filter on the messages page. None of this is new. Responding to these makes the yellow count go down (or disappear entirely).

In both cases, the new message counts shown on the button may be lower than the actual number of new or needs reply messages in your inbox. That's because these counts will only analyze the last few months.

We hope you like this messages system upgrade. Our goal is to make your interactions fast and frictionless. Stay tuned for many more improvements to our messages system!