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We are excited to announce the MorphMarket App. This app is a Progressive Web App (PWA) which adds enhanced navigational features to the website for a better mobile experience for mobile phone users.

Watch this video for a tour:

To install the app look for the "Install App" button at the top of the home page while you are logged into your account. This will either install the app directly or provide simple instructions. If you do not see this button read this.

You will recognize the app by the Dark Header and Footer menu bars as pictured here. The app adds the following:

  • Quick access from a Home Screen icon
  • Full screen to maximize viewing area
  • Persistent buttons at the top of the screen for quick access to Categories, Search, Messages
  • Contextually sensitive buttons at the bottom which change depending on the page
  • Better menus that allow quicker navigation around the site

This is a "beta" version, meaning we're still improving it and working out possible bugs. In the future, we will be adding notifications on your phone for new messages, better offline experience, and access to the video camera for photo capture. It will also improve along with the main website as we redesign more pages.

If you have any questions about the app, please check our forums or contact us at through our support.