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We are closing out 2021 with another round of updates to market data organization. This included some category improvements following the massive 12 Category Update from August and trait updates to 11 categories.

You can view the discussions that led to these changes in the genetics area of our community forums as well as make your own requests.

  • Western Hognose is now a subcategory of Hognose Snakes. Hognose also gained 10 new subcategories plus Tricolor Hognose, which was moved from Other Colubrids.
  • Sand Boas was added in August with no subcategories as we imagined most of the ads were Kenyans. Kenyans are now a subcategory of Sand boas, along with 10 other subcategories.
  • A few new subcategories were added for Skinks and Monitors. Tortoises got an "other" subcategory.
  • We did a huge trait update, touching 11 different categories. You can read about those here.
  • We did not update the subcategories of Rat Snakes yet, but plan to make some changes there to improve its organization in the next round.

In the future, the continuous stream of updates to will drive the market data instead of these occasional updates. Did you know that Morphpedia now contains over 300 articles!?