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Nov. 15, 2021 - Nov. 21, 2021

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Morphpedia is a new knowledge base of herp traits, genes and localities. In the last two months we've added 192 published articles. This week our team released version 1.2.

11 Categories in Development

The initial launch focused on Ball Pythons, but now we've really opened things up and have 11 categories "in development". This means that we've auto-generated trait articles from the MorphMarket database, but are editing and enhancing those articles in our forums before publishing them. We need your help to finish them out, so please come and contribute photos and information.

Meta Tags

Tags, like "Leucism" are used to group related traits and facilitate your exploration and learning. This week we added two special tags: "Issues" and "Complexes". They're special because they're automatically generated based on other data.

  • Issues - a tag to quickly see all traits with some kind of documented issue.
  • Complexes - a tag to quickly see all traits which are identified in a genetic complex.

Relative Availability Trends

Availability is our term that refers to the supply of animals for sale on MorphMarket with this trait. Relative availability indicates how this trait ranked against other traits at that time. For example, a value of 75 would mean that this trait had an equal or higher availability than 75% of all available traits.

Most traits now have relative availability graphs which show how availability has trended over the past 5 years.

We've haven't explored the results completely, but here are a few interesting availability trends we saw in Ball Pythons:

Some details:

  • We do not yet combine data across aliases of a trait. For example, in Morphpedia we recognize Coral Glow as an alias to Banana, but the market data is not yet combined in this way.
  • Data may be less reliable prior to the date these genes were added to our marketplace. While our site attempts to automatically tag older ads, it cannot do so in all cases. But this will improve over time.

Remember that these graphs show supply, not price or demand. Also, data always require interpretation. It's up to you to figure out what it means.

Relative availability of the Ball Python Acid Gene


There's a lot of exciting projects going on at MorphMarket right now, and we couldn't be more pleased with how Morphpedia is going so far. But we need your help! Please visit to learn about these amazing animals and to contribute your knowledge to the community.

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New Hats, License Plate Borders, Koozies and Lanyards

We have been hitting it hard on website development since Tinley, and we apologize for the delay, but new MorphMarket Merch items are available online now.

New Hats:

  • Snapback Purple/White Trucker Cap
  • Flexfit Multicam Tropic Green Trucker
  • Flexfit Kryptek Sports Cap

Other Stuff:

  • "I Break for Snakes" License Plate Borders
  • Koozies in 3 colors
  • MM/USARK Lanyards


  • Restocked some of our other hats, but others are unavailable due to supply chain issues.
  • Sold out of the MM/USARK shirts at Tinley so those aren't available at this time. Posters will be available at future expos as they are more difficult to ship.

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Messenger Attachments

We've just added attachment support to the Messenger! This is such a crucial feature and the new Messenger really wasn't complete until now.

There are actually two parts to this feature:

  1. Messages with attachments that originate from email will now show up in the Messenger. Just click to open them as shown above.
  2. You can add attachments in the messenger itself using the paperclip button shown above.

Attachments in email will continue to work just as they did before. For those of you who exclusively use email for communications, we hope you will now consider using the Messenger more often. This will give you access to powerful features such as the "Quick Actions" to decline messages or mark them as already responded to as well as other upcoming features.

Because attachments can sometimes contain sensitive information, we implemented have secured them with Signed URLs. Whenever you click or touch one of the links in your messenger, a special link is generated which can be used to view or download the content in the cloud for 20 minutes. After the link expires, you'd need to use the Messenger again to access the file. 99% of the time you won't need to think about this, but we didn't want anyone to be confused if they tried to view a link after it had expired.

One last note: In the app, there is a bug that occurs when a notification shows up at the top of the screen pushing content off the bottom of the screen, such as the Messenger reply bar. We are working to fix this, but for now, just click "okay" or whatever button is on the notification to clear it and the problem will go away.

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