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Redline: A New Way to Ship

Let's face it: Shipping has become expensive. It's a good time to check and make sure you are getting the best rates, without compromising on quality.

That's why MorphMarket is excited to announce Redline Shipping as the official* shipping service of MorphMarket. Robyn Markland and the Redline team draw on decades of experience to provide the best service and the best discounts in the industry.

Sign up today at and receive TWO deeply discounted shipments at 60% off retail rate when using coupon MORPH60 at checkout. There are no commitments or strings attached.

Why Redline? They make safe shipping of live reptiles, aquatics and inverts easy, secure and affordable. They have all the supplies and information you need to safely ship your live animals. The Redline customer service team is friendly yet professional. They are ready to problem solve and advocate for you to keep your package safe and secure at all times along its journey.

This is a great offer that all our users can benefit from.

* As a point of clarification, being the official shipper of MorphMarket does not mean that we now or in the future plan to limit our user's ability to use other shipping services. It just means we think they are a great service, recommend and promote them, just as we have with other services in the past.