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Likes and Saves

You may already be familiar with our “like” and “save” options, but they are officially better than ever!

The "Like" option is a great way to acknowledge an interesting ad with a single click. Just click the heart icon in the corner of each ad's photo. This is a convenient way to store animals for later and to show appreciation to breeders.

Previously, users were only able to “Like” ads when viewing the individual listing. Now, you can engage with ads without needing to open everyone up. It's perfect for quick interactions and showing your interest without committing to a purchase. Under the "Liked Animals" page, you can also keep track of the listings you've liked.

The ad’s like count is visible to the public and is used for our "popular" filter (accessible via the tab “Popular”). It allows sellers to gain valuable insights into the reception of their listings and make informed decisions. By utilizing this filter, sellers can compare their listings and make necessary adjustments or improvements based on similar animals that have garnered more popularity.

We’ve also updated the interface for "Saved Animals." When you find a listing that catches your eye, click the ad and select the "Save" icon below the photos.

It allows you to create a personalized collection of potential purchases.

By combining the "like" and "save" options, we provide a comprehensive experience for both casual browsers and users who prefer a curated browsing history. There's no right or wrong way to use these features – it's up to you!

To learn how to use these features, visit our help article.