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On Hold Availability

Ads can now be marked as On Hold to indicate that a sale is pending. Sellers can set this on the Modify Ad page or by indicating ON HOLD (all caps) in their Price List when importing. Read the Store Guide for more details.

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Access Your Messages on the Site

You can now privately access your messages and conversations with other MorphMarket users on our website. While signed in, just click at the top of your window or find "Messages" under your username menu.

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With such a large virtual marketplace, sometimes you might feel a bit like you're going in circles. "Have I been here before?" This might cause you to be unsure if you're inquired about an animal before.

Now we'll display a teal-colored box below the Inquire and other buttons which shows you the timestamp of previous inquiries.

This was a great idea from a user last night. Do we listen to user feedback? You betcha!